Smudging is a age old ritual that purifies the body & spaces of negative energies, helping to create balance in your life.  By lighting a beautiful Wildflower Smudge Wand you will be banishing bad energy, while bringing clarity and light to your sacred space.  Smudging is a beautiful addition to a meditation practice. Each smudge wand is hand wrapped and a unique work of natural art, that is infused with love and positive energy.  Crafted from organically farmed white sage, yerba santa and assorted wildflowers that are bundled with natural hemp twine.  Please let me know if you are ordering a smudge wand for a special intention. I would love to craft yours to fit your specific needs, and with the herbs that are charged with your healing purpose.  I will include a note of the specific herbs and wildflowers in your wand, and their healing properties.   
How To Smudge
Begin by lighting a candle while reciting a prayer or uplifting mantra, then light the tip of your smudge wand using your candle flame.  Allow your smudge wand to burn a few seconds, then gently blow to extinguish the flame, being cautious not to scatter burning embers.  Be sure to keep your smoldering smudge wand over a fire proof container at all times.  Once your smudge wand is smoldering, begin filling your space with the sacred smoke of Mother Earth's Healing Herbs.  Move clockwise around your space, starting at your front door.  It is best to leave a window or door open while smudging, allowing an escape route for negative energies.  To cleanse your self, sit in a comfortable position and allow the smoke to waft over your body as your recite your mantra or prayer.  
White sage assorted wildflowers (may not be same as pictured) never leave burning smudge wand unattended keep away from pets and children. 

Sizes: 4 in (small); 7 in (large)
Made in Meridian, MS