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Mississippi Coffee Club

Coffee of the Month Subscription

$20 + $5 flat rate shipping

Pick your plan

Whole Bean or Ground? Choose your preference, and expect a new delivery at the beginning of each month (ships on first Tuesday). Standard quantity is one (1) 12 oz. bag per month, but you can choose a custom quantity below.

Customize payment

Pay as you go, or Prepay for a set time to save up to 15%. Shipping cost will be added at checkout, and is a flat $5 per month, no matter where you are. With Prepay, you can even give this subscription as a gift!

Enjoy new favorites

We'll do the work of curating specialty coffee blends roasted right here in Mississippi, and you get to sit back and enjoy a fresh new blend every month. Plus, we guarantee no two months will have the same flavor for at least a year!

Here's how it works:
These prices don't include taxes or other fees. This subscription auto-renews. It can be skipped or cancelled at anytime.
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What makes us different?

Niche Flavors

Sharing stories on the front porch has long been a facet of Southern culture. This subscription is our way of sharing new flavors and stories from all across Mississippi and bringing them right to your front door. From the hills to the coast, there are new favorites to discover. Let us send you some!

Local Artisans

By subscribing to our service, you're not just enjoying great coffee – you're also supporting local roasters and artisans who pour their passion and creativity into every batch. Your purchase directly contributes to the growth and sustainability of Mississippi's coffee industry.

Quality Coffee

We guarantee that every bag of coffee you receive will be roasted just a few days prior to when you receive it, ensuring full flavor and freshness with every brew. You can say goodbye to the stale supermarket coffee and enjoy expertly crafted flavor from ethically sourced coffee beans.

No Hassle

Our subscription is effortless to manage. You'll get a new, quality coffee every month you're subscribed with no additional effort on your part. If needed, you can skip a shipment or opt out of our subscription altogether with no unnecessary steps. Plus, you can prepay for a set amount of deliveries for you or a friend at a discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my preferences later on?

Sure thing. If you decide you'd like to switch to either Whole Bean or Grounds after a couple months, you can change which you'll receive in the next shipment. You can even switch to a prepaid subscription after you've begun a monthly one.

When can I expect my coffee to arrive each month?

Every shipment leaves our store on the first Tuesday of every month. Delivery time will vary depending on where you live, but you can generally expect to have your coffee in hand before the following weekend.

I'm moving to a new address. Can I change the shipping address on my subscription, even if I've prepaid?

Yes! Feel free to Contact Us to help, or Manage your Subscription on your own time. We promise this will be easy either way!

I have built a backlog of coffee. Can I slow down my shipment frequency?

While we can't adjust the frequency of all your shipments, you can certainly opt to skip a month of coffee under Manage Subscriptions.

Do I get to choose which coffee I receive monthly?

At this time, we do not have a way for each customer to provide their flavor, roast, or origin preferences. While we can't guarantee that each shipment will fit your unique taste, we can promise that your coffee will be fresh and high quality!

If I live in Meridian, can I subscribe and just pick up my coffee in-store to save on shipping?

Sure, come pay us a visit! You'll get notified when it's ready each month.

If I prepay, can I still cancel my subscription at any time - even if I haven't received all the shipments I've paid for?

This feature is not currently available, but is in development. If you opt to prepay for your subscription, you do have the option of skipping or pausing your subscription. Your shipments will continue when you're ready for them at no additional cost.