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Stone-Ground Corn Meal

Sciple Water Mill – DeKalb, MS

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All-natural stone ground corn meal made from 100% whole kernel corn at the legendary Sciple Water Mill. One of the few of its kind remaining, this water power mill has been in operation since 1790 and has grinding stones that have been in operation for roughly 130 years. Sciple Water Mill is 5 generations strong, and their product reflects their pride in their history. No added preservatives or additives. Featured on the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.

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Customer Reviews

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Joan Kaywell
Sciple’s Corn Meal

When it comes to making cornbread, this corn meal is simply the best. I’m glad that Crooked Letter carries it.

The Best Cornmeal

This is the best cornmeal I have ever used. I live in southern MS and ordered it last time I got some. It lasts a very long time double bagged in the freezer. One time I ran out and ordered another brand but it was too fine and didn’t have the good taste that Sciples has. I have had many people ask for my recipe (the one on back of the bag). Theirs didn’t come out as good as mine because of the cornmeal they used. I sure hope it will always be available. We first bought is while visiting the mill. Very interesting!