These are true stories about money and murder along the highway of broken dreams. When I-20 was completed next to US Highway 80 in Mississippi, it took all of the interstate traffic from the old route and left economic chaos.
To survive, most of the business places along Highway 80 turned into dangerous gambling joints and honky-tonks, where it was best to sit with your back to the wall.

The stories move along Highway 80 in 1915 when a Gypsy caravan enters Meridian to bury their national queen who had died in Alabama. Later a killer stops young women on the highway using flashing lights near the mysterious Irvin Motel.
Ten miles west of Meridian at Meehan Junction, two promising young men were murdered and placed on the railroad tracks where a train ran over the bodies. The authorities closed the cases as accidental deaths.

A few miles farther west, we enter the town of Hickory with a population of 499 people, where we encounter the entrepreneurs. Georgia Tann got rich sending babies to the rich and famous in Hollywood and New York. A black man born in Hickory named Robert Johnson sold BET-TV and put a billion dollars in his pocket.
And there are lots of other mysterious and violent events and people waiting in these stories to be introduced to you.