Being a woman named Dawson has its own unique set of complications.

Dawson Everly is thirty-year-old college professor who thought she had crafted a perfect life for herself, until she discovers her husband is being unfaithful. They had planned for a fresh start in her husband’s old college town. Now she will unload her cheating husband, pack-up her life, and move because she is under contract for a new teaching position at Bellhurst College.

Patrick Butler is a bartender and professional bachelor. He’s charismatic, sexy, and unabashedly single. When a college professor answers his online advertisement about renting the cottage behind his home, he has no idea who his renter really is or what he’s gotten himself into.

Dawson must unpack her life in a new place where the only person she knows is her cheating husband. When her new landlord pours on the charm, she has a choice to make.

Starting over is difficult, but hot bartenders help.