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The Watercolor Road

Wyatt Waters Gallery – Clinton, MS

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Paintings and Writing through America's South

Experience the American South through the expressive paintings and musings of renowned master watercolorist, Wyatt Waters.  His rambling and wandering through the southern trail deliver an impressive collection of 133 paintings, 21 essays, and an array of adages that depicts both the South and his relentless trek to be a better painter as a mindset rather than a destination.
The Watercolor Road captures the artist’s longing ambition to explore and present this place he calls home in plein air watercolor.  Pulling a 16-foot Casita travel trailer behind his Pastormobile, Wyatt roams the rural and urban, country roads and highways, oceans and forests, BBQ joints and local diners — expressing his visceral connection to each locale with his vivid images. His pictorial explorations span from the Arkansas plateaus to the Louisiana bayous, the Blue Ridge Mountains to the low country marshes of South Carolina, across southern farmlands and down to the balmy Florida Keys — with all points in between. 
Having long contemplated his feelings and observations on painting and living through his writings — in this book, Wyatt shares the many truths he has learned along the way and how he applies them to his art and to his life.
The Watercolor Road will appeal to aficionados of southern culture as well as those who enjoy the act of painting and desire a deeper understanding of the “whys" of painting more so than the “how-to’s”.

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